Creative Director,
GT INC., Tokyo

During his years at Dentsu, Koshi was widely recognized for his outstanding achievements in the cutting edge media business in the fields of business development and research. In 1995, he led the launch of Japan's first large scale corporate website, "toyota.co.jp". He is credited with many accomplishments as a pioneer in designing interactive advertisements in Japan.

After leaving Dentsu, Koshi established GT Inc. where he produced and directed Sony's "Connected Identity" project, a design concept that would change each time an unspecified number of users participated and which later became the leading designing method for interactive art. This project demonstrated how interactive art could be expressed through TV commercials as an extension of mass marketing. Koshi has been leading many innovative projects, focusing his efforts in website direction in the field of advertisement marketing. He continues to work with a 360 degrees advertisement plan and direction integrating all media contact points from TV commercials to video productions.

With GT Inc. as his domestic company, Koshi also formed (suit)men entertainment with several partners in order to expand into the global realm. Koshi's activities concentrate on the convergence of commerce, entertainment and technology. He goes far beyond the traditional roles of a creative agency or production house and continually provides cutting edge marketing solutions through the fusing of digital communication and entertaining content.

Throughout his 15 years in the industry, Koshi has continuously introduced advertisement works that fuse media art, entertainment and leading edge IT technology to the world. His feats have earned him wide acclaim, with substantial impacts on both the marketing and internet business industries.