Founder and Creator of Concepts,
The Golden Touch Company AB, Stockholm

Andreas grew up in the forests of Jämtland, up north in Sweden—close to a river, far from everything else. Without any toys to speak of, except for sticks and rocks he found buried in the moss or by the side of the river, he grew not only very impatient but also somewhat creative. It was either that or wither away.

A few years later he found himself in a similar situation at the advertising agency, Åkestam Holst, based in Stockholm, Sweden. Only this time it was not so much wither away, but more being swiped away by his fiercely talented colleagues. Without any formal education in advertising but highly experienced in the art of sticks and rocks he grew fond of alternative marketing. Marketing that often distinguished itself by being of actual use to people. Realising that people wanted to engage in advertising if it was something else—something meaningful—made him dig deeper.

Several years, awards and failures later he was one of the proud founders of the PR/advertising/content agency Round & Round.

In November 2018, he founded a NEW agency, The Golden Touch Company. His very apt title is 'Creator of Concepts'.